Lady Dior Bag and Jeffery Gibson

Venice, April-Nov/24

Celebrated Brooklyn-based artist Jeffrey Gibson is making waves on both the global art stage and the fashion scene. With a unique artistic practice that seamlessly melds American, Indigenous, and Queer histories with influences from music, pop culture, and beyond, Gibson’s work has earned him widespread acclaim. His dynamic visual language, characterized by abundant color, complex pattern, and text, invites deep reflection on identity, inspires empathy, and advocates for a widening of access to democracy and freedom for all.

Simultaneously, Gibson has ventured into the realm of fashion through a unique partnership with luxury brand Dior. As part of the annual Dior Lady Art initiative, Gibson has unveiled two renditions of the iconic Lady Dior bag, available exclusively at Dior’s Ion Orchard boutique. This collaboration marks a fusion of art and fashion, embodying Gibson’s ethos of inclusivity and community-building across diverse identities.

From the hallowed halls of Venice’s Biennale to the chic storefronts of Dior, Jeffrey Gibson continues to redefine boundaries and inspire audiences worldwide with his bold and visionary creations.

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