“Six years ago, Isabela opened the door to the enchanting world of art for me, and since then, our excursions to London’s museums have become cherished traditions. With Isabela as my steadfast companion and guide, each visit transcends mere observation, immersing us in the profound narratives and emotions woven into the fabric of every masterpiece.

Our recent expedition to the Tate Modern, exploring the works of Philip Guston, stands as a testament to the depth of our shared passion. Isabela’s thoughtful curation of our museum experiences always leads us beyond the surface, delving into the heart and soul of the artist’s vision. The journey through Guston’s pieces was not merely a visual spectacle but a deeply moving and introspective encounter, guided by Isabela’s insights.

What sets Isabela apart is her unwavering commitment to illuminating the artist’s perspective. With each stroke of Guston’s brush, she adeptly unraveled layers of meaning, inviting us to explore the complexities of his artistic journey. Through her guidance, I found myself not only admiring the technical prowess of Guston’s creations but also connecting with the raw emotion and profound humanity embedded within them.

The culmination of our exploration left me with a profound sense of fulfillment and emotional resonance. Isabela’s ability to foster such a transformative experience is a testament to her profound understanding of art and her genuine love for sharing it with others.

In conclusion, Isabela has been an invaluable companion on my artistic odyssey, enriching each museum visit with her boundless knowledge, insight, and passion. I eagerly anticipate our next adventure, knowing that with Isabela by my side, the journey will be nothing short of extraordinary. If you’re seeking an immersive and enlightening artistic experience, look no further than Isabela – she is truly a beacon of inspiration in the world of art.
Keep it up Isa.
Looking forward to the next one!”

by E. A. on 9th  March 2024